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Showing posts from November 11, 2012

Sy Oliver Orchestra - Abiove All

Les Daniels and his Dance Orchestra - Dancing to the Big Band

EARL BOSTIC plays sweet tunes of the fantastic 50's

Omar Lamparter Orchestra - Hilton at Midnight

Friedel Wende Turnier-Tanzorchester - Coctail und Kerzenlicht

James Last Orchestra - Non Stop Dancing '68

Balalaika-Ensemble "WOLGA" - Klange der Taiga

Balalaika-Ensemble "WOLGA" - Wenn abends die Balalaika erklingt

V.A. - Western Highlight

Edmundo Ros and his Orchestra - Rhythms of the South

Yelitza - Eternelle Russie

Bolschoi Don Kosaken mit dem russischen Weltstar IWUSCHKA

Die Tschaika Kosaken - Lied Der Wilga

The Tschaika Cossacks - Moscow Nights

Los indios Tabajaras