Thursday, July 13, 2017

Hillel And Aviva – Songs Of Israel And Many Lands

Hillel And Aviva – Songs Of Israel And Many Lands

Folk, World, Country


Songs Of Israel
Ain-Kadir Ka Adonai (There Is No One Greater Than God)
Yesh Challil Ne-Elam (The Invisible Pipe)
Ha-Na-Ava Ba-Ba-Not (The Most Beautiful Of All Girls)
Yalail, Yalail (O Night, O Night)
Shemu Shochnai Ohalim
Pashtu Kvasim
Henai Akallaila (I Will Pipe To The Flock)
Mul Ha-Ohel Kol Halail (Facing The Tent In The Night)
Kismai-Agam (The Beautiful Lake)
Osi Vezimrat-Ya (My Strength, And The Songs Of God Are My Redeemers)
Songs Of Many Lands
Maritzai Divoyko (Maritzai From Divoyko)
Ar Hyd Y Nos (All Through The Night)
Los Cuatro Muleros (The Four Mule Drivers)
Quando Mamma A-Te-Ta Fatta (When Your Mother Made You)
The Wild Grass
Stenka Razin
Shepherd's Song
I Don't Care Where They Bury My Body

LP from my personal collection.