Thursday, May 10, 2018

Concert for parents - Quality sound from phonograph records

American soldier's song - Oleg Razumovsky

In the forest near the frontline - George Vinogradov

Valentine - orc. Harry Roy

The waterfall is an orc. Harry Roy

Partisan beard - Leonid Utyosov

Arkady's Song - Mark Bernes

I fell in love with a kid - Edith Utyosov

Grove - Isabella Yuryeva

Heart - Leonid Utyosov

Tamburitsa - Edith Utyosov

Dark night - George Vinogradov

Dark Night - Mark Bernes

The one who walks with the song - Leonid Utyosov

Stubborn, capricious - Isabella Yuryeva

Four musicians - Edith Utyosov

Yunak - Edith Utyosov

 From my personal collection.

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